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  • PCAP format for MDB

    Introduction The MDB (Multi-Drop Bus) protocol is used inside a vending machine. MDB defines the communication between the main control board (VMC = Vending Machine Controller) and peripheral components, e.g. a payment terminal or a bill validator.

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  • HDCPv2.1 AKE vulnerability

    Introduction HDCP (High-bandwith Digical Content Protection) is a framework for secure transmission of audio/video content between a transmitter and a receiver. Version 2.1 is based on TCP/IP, earlier versions used an HDMI connection.

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  • PCAP format for ISO14443

    Introduction ISO14443 is a series of standards describing the interface between a contactless smartcard (PICC == Proximity Integrated Circuit Card) and a card reader (PCD == Proximity Coupling Device). Contactless smartcards are used e.

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