Holiday in Iceland, June 2004

We're 4 people from Germany who travelled through Iceland for 17 days in June 2004. This homepage is to share our experience with those who are planning Iceland holidays themselves or who are simply curious about some pictures of this remote country.

A detailed description of our trip is in the Route, pictures section. The other pages have some information that was helpful to us when we organized the trip.

We hope you enjoy browsing our page. To get in touch with us, see the contact page.

Svea, Thilde, Christian, Martin

revision history

2004-07-10 first draft
2004-07-16,17 links: added more comments, minor corrections - rewrote some of the places' and photos' descriptions
2004-08-08: included photos from Svea and Chrstian, added preliminary comments on their photos
2004-08-14: use the same css file for text and albums
2004-08-17: rewrote most comments
2004-08-24: added some pictures of Reykjanes
2004-09-29: corrected some descriptions

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